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Banner Advertising

Half Page ad
300 x 600 pixels
* 30k file size limit
Large Format
300 x 250 pixels
* 30k file size limit
Mid-page ad
960 x 200 pixels
* 30k file size limit
Corner Peel
500 x 500 pixels
* 30k file size limit

Online Rate Card [pdf]

HQ Banner Advertising

Rate Card [177 kb pdf]
Ad Type(s): Largeformat, Classified (with newspaper), Dealership Account

Rate Card [177 kb pdf]
Ad Type(s): Leaderboard, Classified (with newspaper), Featured Employer

Text Advertising

Classified Advertising
Classified advertising on Grand Forks Herald online and in Grand Forks Herald newspaper.
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E-mail Advertising

Rate Card [177 kb pdf]

Keeping your marketing costs low is simple with In-Box newsletters. These HTML emails give you a great deal of control over how your content appears and can be customized to your campaign. The permission-based e-mail marketing service allows you to choose to send to specific Forum Communications newspapers subscribers like Grand Forks Herald or more broadly to subscribers of all 28 Forum Communications member newspapers.

Examples: Marriott, Vikings, CSM, Masterpiece Concrete, Visit Minneapolis North